by K P
Reading Time: 27 minutes

Our Dashboard displays various economic and market datasets at a glance to help you monitor the momentum, trends and possible inflection points near extreme levels as well as anomalies.

In the Macro section, you will find all US and European leading indicators from the business and consumer perspective, which are helpful to identify the likely direction of growth and inflation, enabling you to better anticipate interest rates market movements and with that other market chain reactions.

In the Technicals section, we provide a price action monitor, credit and some volatility tools to visualise the sentiment, momentum and trends, which may alert you to extreme optimism / pessimism / overcrowded positioning.

We are sure this dashboard will supplement your market strategies. Let’s “connect the dots” !

    • Economic Sentiment & Cycles 
      • GLOBAL
        • Global Economic Surprise Indices Heatmap & Graphs
        • Global 2Y + 10Y Govt Bonds + Yieldcurves
        • Global CPI heatmap & charts 36 regions
        • Global Central Bank Rates (28 DM vs EM regions, 3yrs hike/cut cycle table overview)
        • Global Central Banks balance sheet
        • Global Manufacturing Confidence (39 regions Heatmap, Breadth, Cycle/Mkt Correlation)
        • Global Services Confidence (15 regions Heatmap) 
      • REGIONS
        • USA
          • US Macro Model, leading indicators heatmap
          • US CPI proxy model
          • US Treasuries Cash Yield Curves vs Recessions (2s5s,2s10s,5s30s,10Y-3M)
          • US CESI vs US10Y Bond correlation
          • US Employment Situation (Jobless claims, JOLTS)
          • US Consumer Confidence 
          • Fed’s “Fair Value” FF model
          • Implied STIR FF probabilities
          • FOMC “dot-plot” table
          • US Yield Curve Cycles
        • EUROZONE
          • EZ Macro Model, leading indicators heatmap
          • EU ESI heatmap, Momentum & Trend Scoreboard, Graphs
          • German IFO & sub components 
          • EU & DE ZEW table and cycles vs EURUSD, 10Y Bunds, STOXX
        • FICC – Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities and Equities Section
        • Fixed Income
          • STIR Term Structures (Fed, ECB, BoE)
          • Global 2,5,10,30Y Govt Bonds Yield Momentum Monitor (levels, 1wk, 1M)
          • Global 10Y Govt Bonds last 3M Heatmap 
        • Cross Assets Monitors (Bonds/Credits/Commodities/FX/Equities)
          • Global Cross Assets Performance Heatmaps (1wk, 4wks, YTD, and more)
          • Global Cross Assets Momentum/Trend/Exhaustion Scores
        • Risk Gauges
          • US / EU Risk Gauge Model (Credit Spreads/Volatility/VIX TermStructure)
          • US Credit vs Equity Correlation Model
        • Commodities
          • Global Commodities Heatmap
          • Commodities Cycles